Spring News 2023

Spring Water Safety Reminder

Spring is a beautiful and dramatic time of year on the Oregon Coast.  The views can be stellar, and with that can come massive weather swings where one moment the sun is shining, and the next it is cold, windy, and hail.  Tillamook County offers four large bays,  miles of coastline, and numerous lakes.  It is a personal watercraft paradise.  Paddleboarders, kayakers, and motorboats all make use of these waterways.  The headlands and capes offer unprecedented views.

Every year there are close calls and sometimes even fatal tragedies on these waters and headlands.  This can range from someone being caught in the waves or riptides on the beaches, falling from a trail or cliff, being knocked off of a boat and into the water, and being caught in the tide and swept toward the sea, to name a few of the possibilities.

The Tillamook County Pioneer, the Tillamook County Fire and Rescue services, Oregon Parks and Recreation, local kayakers, and Kayak Tillamook came together to put together a safety video for each of the different areas.

Come visit the coast.  Enjoy the views, and have fun on the water.  Please keep safety in mind.

Spring 2023 Coastal Water Safety

Neighborhood Watch

The Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch group recently met with Tillamook County Under-Sheriff Matt Kelly.  Officer Kelly commended Nedonna Beach on Neighborhood Watch efforts and cited communication between full time residents and property owners as a key part of neighborhood watch success.

Prevention is the best security system:

  • Interior lights on timers

  • Motion lights near entrances.

  • Clear shrubs that block entry points.

  • A loud exterior alarm that lasts a few minutes is better than silent systems.

  • Meet your neighbors. Learn to recognize vehicles.

  • Exchange contact information, and communicate with them.

Contact Kim Brown @ remaxagentkim@gmail.com if you are interested in participating with the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch.

Who to call:

Emergency / Safety:

The rule of thumb for reporting is If you are concerned about immediate behaviors and activities that are dangerous or life threatening – Fire, water safety, burglary in progress – DO NOT hesitate to call 911.

If you have concerns about a pending situation or ongoing matter, call 503-815-1911 – non-emergency dispatch. This includes parking, camping, dumping, etc.

You can also make a report online.



Paved roads White Dove and Kittiwake are in the City of Rockaway Beach. 505-374-0586


David, Geneva, Nedonna, and Beach, as well as east-west roads are county roads. The county does not maintain the unpaved roads. The NBNA works to manage these roads using membership dues and donations specified for roads.

Tillamook County Roads: 503-842-3419


Evacuation Routes and Facilities:

The NBNA maintains evacuation routes at Section Line and Riley leading from the neighborhood to Hwy 101. Evacuation sites and storage facilities are on the East side of 101 at Scenic View Drive and at the McMillan Creek reservoir off of Beach Street. All evacuation trails and facilities are maintained with volunteer hours using membership dues and donations designated for emergency preparedness.

Please contact us at Nedonna.Beach@gmail.com with concerns about the trails or to access the facilities.