Spring News 2022

Neighborhood Watch:
Members interested in the Nedonna Neighborhood Watch program are planning to meet one another and to develop a communication plan in the next few weeks. We will contact those who have expressed interest.

Your Donations at Work
The NBNA budget is based on dues, donations, and community partnerships. Here are some updates on a few of our projects

Web Page: We welcome Kimberly Brown as our webmaster! Look for updates! https://www.nedonnabeach.org/

Porta Potty: The Porta Potty at Section Line will remain through the summer. We are working with the county and state parks to coordinate garbage collection.

Evacuation and Preparedness: The evacuation facilities at Scenic View and at McMillan Reservoir were purchased and stocked by the NBNA. The committee is preparing to install shelves and stock each structure with emergency supplies. Members can store a bin of personal supplies. We are working to establish a rope and post trail at Section Line in case the stairs fail in a slide. Railroad Crossing Points will be improved by Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad this summer, making it easier to cross when using the evacuation trails.

Beach Access Trails: We have been working to improve the East/West access trails between Beach Avenue and the beach. Our current project is the trail at Park Street. Look for improved signs along Beach Ave to include water and fire safety reminders.

Memorial Benches in Nedonna Marsh: The NBNA is working with the Tillamook County Museum to place a couple of benches at key locations in the marsh. Benches will have Memorial Plaques to honor individual Nedonna Beach Neighbors and will be funded by donations.

Nedonna Beach Entry and Pond: Donations cover mowing and care of the entry to Nedonna Beach. The entry and fire levels signs purchased by the NBNA. The fire level sign is monitored by the Nedonna Rural Fire DIstrict in partnership with the Rockaway Beach Fire Department.
Roads: Paved roads are maintained by the City of Rockaway Beach and Tillamook County. The gravel roads are unmaintained county roads. NBNA donations cover annual road work that includes grading and spreading gravel. We have a pile of gravel available for potholes at Park and  If you live on a gravel road and would like to order extra gravel to be spread…. contact us and we will coordinate delivery and spread it. Neighbor John Copely is coordinating this work.

Thank you to neighbors who have done tree work to increase clearance along the gravel roads. This improves emergency access. You will see the fire department in the neighborhood from time to time as they test these routes.

Help Wanted:
The NBNA does not have full non-profit status and we are not eligible for many grants that could help us with our work. We would love some assistance from anyone who has experience with the process to coach us through.