Spring News 2021

No Annual Meeting for 2021

The NBNA traditionally holds the annual meeting on the Saturday closest to the Fourth of July. We will not be holding the annual meeting this year. Instead, we will send out an annual letter with information about budget, bylaws, board news, and project updates.

Fourth of July
The City of Rockaway Beach 2021 4th of July Celebration is just around the corner!  Although there won’t be a parade this year, the Fireworks show is set to go! The Fireworks display begins at dusk. Join us in Rockaway Beach this 4th of July for a show you won’t soon forget!
A reminder that Fireworks and Sky lanterns are not allowed in State Parks, including the beach. Use of legal fireworks in Nedonna Beach is determined by fire level. Fireworks are a major concern for full time residents and property owners; the noise, issues around fire safety, and litter are annual probems.
Please, No Fireworks 
The NBNA, in partnership with the Nedonna Rural Fire Protection District, has a supply of “Please, No Fireworks” lawn signs that can be used by members in your own yards.  The signs will be available for pick up the week prior to the Fourth of July. Board members will collect the signs toward the end of July to store for use again next year.
1) Let us know you want a sign (email) and we will tell you where to pick it up beginning June 20.
2) Pick up a sign. Leave your name and address where it will be displayed.
3) Personalize it if you would like, or not. “We’ve got pets!” “Veteran with PTSD” “It scares my Dog” etc
4) Display the sign in your yard over the Fourth of July Weekend.
5) Board members will pick up the week of July 19th, or you can store it for next year.
Neighborhood Watch
Members have reported a few burglaries this Spring. A home and a shed have been broken in to and items taken. After you contact Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office we encourage you to contact us so we can get word out if you have a break in , theft, or vandalism. Communicating with our neighbors reminds everyone to keep an eye out.
We will try to keep you current on issues as they are reported throughout the summer. Now is a good time to meet your neighbors and exchange contact information. We do have reports of neighbors preventing theft and confronting people trespassing while checking out neighboring properties.
Fire Safety
The NBNA maintains the fire level sign at the entrance of Nedonna Beach in collaboration with the Rockaway Beach Fire Department and Oregon Department of Forestry.
Camp Fire Pits on Private Property:
Call the Rockaway Beach Fire Department for daily burn status @ 503-374-1752

Out-of-doors open fire pit fires are allowed provided the pit has been approved and the following restrictions are adhered to:

1. The fire pit is located on private property

2. The fire pit is made of noncombustible material such as rock or brick.

3. The fire pit has a 15’ diameter around the pit which is noncombustible.

4. Water of sufficient quantity for fire suppression, a hose and a shovel must be in the immediate vicinity of the fire pit at all times that a fire is present, and

5. A person over the age of 16 years must be present and attending to the fire at all times.

Beach Fires
A reminder that beach fires need to be small.
Please do not burn driftwood.
Fires need to be 50 feet from the vegetation line.
Fires must be attended at all times and extinguished with water before leaving.
Please do not bury fires with sand.
If you have questions contact the fire station. 503-374-1752