Short Term Rental Information

Short Term Rental News

Tillamook County has put into effect a year-long moratorium on the issuance of any short term rental permits for properties located in unincorporated areas, effective July 1st, 2022. The following link takes you to the county Short Term Rental Advisory Committee  to keep you up to date on short term rental news:

Short Term Rental Complaints

Short term rentals in Unincorporated Tillamook County are required to have signage viewable from the street with contact info for the rental operator.

For complaints about a Short Term Rental, please try and contact the occupant/renter first. If unavailable, then contact the owner/property manager, then if unavailable, contact the Department of Community Development at (503) 842-3408.

For serious complaints with urgency, call the Tillamook Sheriff:
Non Emergency Dispatch: (503) 815-1911

If there is a situation risking extreme property damage or bodily safety, please call 911.
(Short term rentals in the City of Rockaway Beach do not have signage requirements.)