Name: John Macy

Contact Information: Rockaway Beach

CCB #: 61011
Not Active – Expired after a lapse (9/12)

Recommended By, When:

Rich Hafer (9/11)

Dan Kiefel (9/11)

Comments: “If we hadn’t found John, we probably would not have built our new home on Nedonna 2 years ago. He was honest, and knew how to build for the beach area. It was the first building project which I have ever enjoyed. He spent my money like it was his own, and always kept me informed on how the project was going. If the beach owner wants to see the work that John did for us, they are more than welcome to view our house at 26620 Beach Drive. If they call me we will be more than happy to show them around our place when we are down there.” (Hafer)

“I want to 2nd the recommendation for John Macy.  John built “both” of our additions and we found him to be a very fair and a pleasant contractor to work with.  As stated, he knows how to build for the coastal conditions.” (Kiefel)