June News 2023

Save the Date!! The Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association will be held on Saturday, July 8 at noon. We will meet at the home of Tom Heckenberg and Sue Sharp @ 26767 White Dove. Agenda to follow.


Membership: The NBNA currently has about 150 members! We realize we have many new neighbors and it is time to intentionally build our membership. Please encourage your new neighbors to join our association. Contact us via email, share our web page with them, and invite them to our annual meeting..

Our annual membership donation of $25.00 runs January through December. Payments can be made:

● In person to Gillian Hollbrook or at the annual meeting

● By check and mailed to the NBNA

○ PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, O97136

● Electronically through PayPal (yellow donate button) at


Neighborhood Watch: Nedonna Beach recently had a Neighborhood Watch Win when people noticed unusual activity at a house and called to report it. The incident resulted in the suspects leaving and being pulled over by the Tillamook County Sheriff! Thank you to the alert neighbors!!


One of the best things that we can all do to increase security in our neighborhood is to keep our eyes open and to see what is going on around our homes. One way to improve safety on the roads for drivers and pedestrians is to have our eyes open and to be aware of one another.


Be aware and know who lives around you. Whenever you go out, you will be seeing and interacting with your neighbors. It helps them and it helps you to know who belongs in your neighborhood.


Consider an effort to “Wave at Your Neighbor”. By developing this habit, it says both “Hello Neighbor” and “I see you”. Eye contact makes an unwanted person uncomfortable and improves description if needed, seeing one another not only improves safety, but it helps us build community as we get to know one another.


Our Neighborhood Watch recently purchased signs that will be posted at the entrance of Nedonna along with window clings for Neighborhood Watch members.

Contact Kim Brown @ remaxagentkim@gmail.com if you are interested in participating with the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch.

County Roads: Geneva and David are unmaintained county roads and the NBNA uses a portion of membership and additional donations made to the NBNA toward this work, along with unpaved East/West roads.


We are scheduling work to be completed soon. We are about $1000 short of being able to gravel East/West roads this year. We appreciate the support from members who live on our paved roads and donated specifically for this project in the past.


The NBNA maintains a pile of gravel – currently at Park and Geneva – for members to access in order to fill potholes as they occur. We are in need of another location for a supply near the south end of David or Geneva. Please let us know if you have a spot on your property for our gravel pile.

Maintaining Right of Way, Easement and Road Clearance Reminder: Property owners are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft. County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.

Section Line Parking Area: The NBNA funds the porta potty at Section Line through member donations. We add a small dumpster in the summer months so garbage from the area is picked up regularly. Thanks to the efforts of board member Ellen Boggs, and a grant from Tillamook PUD, we will have a light pole and light installed at the parking area. This will help both safety and security.


We appreciate the partnership of Oregon State Parks and Recreation: Nehalem Bay State Park and Tillamook County with these efforts. Since we started this effort, we have seen a decrease in garbage in the parking area and fewer people using the dunes and nearby wooded areas for restroom needs.

You can donate directly to support this project.

Preparedness: Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation routes; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line. The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with storage East of Beach Street (new water tower) and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from the Riley stairs (old water tower). The location on Beach is up a gravel road with a locked gate. It is not meant to be driven to during the evacuation as roads could be undriveable in an event requiring evacuation. Stairs need to be maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own, but please do not alter structures. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, please contact us.

Tom Heckenberg and Gillian Hollbrook lead the work in keeping our evacuation sites stocked. We are working to add sanitation devices, water purification systems, and solar power/charging stations. We are interested in donations toward the improvement of the trail system or evacuation facilities – in kind donations of materials or labor, or financial.

Volunteer Needed: Great Shakeout Coordinator: Tillamook county, including Rockaway Beach, is looking for ways to participate in the Great Oregon Shakeout. Each year Oregon holds this event to help raise awareness of what to do in case of an earthquake. This year the Tillamook county emergency preparedness volunteers are thinking we all should hold an evacuation drill. https://www.shakeout.org/oregon/

We need a volunteer to coordinate our Shakeout day activities with Rockaway Beach and Tillamook county.  You will need to attend a few planning meetings, report back to the NBNA board, and help coordinate the day’s activities on Oct 19th.