Nedonna Beach property tax dollars fund the Nedonna Rural Fire District that contracts with Rockaway Beach Fire Rescue for services. RBFR services include fire suppression, fire prevention, emergency medical services, rescues, and mutual aid to surrounding communities. Volunteer personnel participate in hundreds of hours of specialized training.

  • Rockaway Beach Fire Rescue (RBFR) has a concern about access to some of the roads in Nedonna Beach. Trees have grown into the roadway and make passage of a Fire Engine difficult to impossible on some of the roads. Fire code says 20 feet of unobstructed  width and 13’6”in unobstructed height. These are the minimum clearances.
  • Reminder that burn permits are available online, please request one before burning. The rules and what is allowed to be burned is included. They are free.
  • Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on all beaches and in all Oregon state parks. While beaches may seem like a safe place to shoot them off, they’re prohibited because of the beach grass nearby. This includes the normally “harmless” sparklers – all types are banned on the beaches.
  • The NBNA partners with RBFR to maintain the fire levels sign at the entrance of Nedonna Beach.
  • RBFR has a successful campaign and continues to monitor campfires on the beach. The crews educate on how to build safe campfires and placement of at least 50’ from the dunes to reduce the occurrence of dune grass fires.
  • Beach safety is still a high priority. The crew patrols on holidays as well as nice beach days. Our emphasis has been on education of water safety, including caution to swimming, and riptides.
  • RBFR will be working more this coming year on pre-incident planning. This will include topics such as Tsunami, Floods, and other Weather events.

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Non-Emergency (Messages Only): 503-374-1752    Information (City Hall): 503-374-1752

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