One bit of history that I ran across in a small book on pioneer trails on the coast shows the trail over Neah-Kah-Nie splitting at Manzanita with one branch leading inland a mile or so to an Indian village where a canoe could be hired to ferry you across to Fishery Point, the other heading south along the spit to the end and then you either hired an Indian canoe or just swam your horses across to Nedonna and on down the beach.
(Seth Thompson).

Nedonna Beach was originally a dairy farm, belonging to the grandparents of Robert Riley. They willed it to Robert Riley. He was a graduate engineer. He mapped it, put in the roads and water, and started selling it as beach lots. When he was in his forties, Robert Riley married Geneva Donna. So she became Geneva Riley nee Donna–thus, Nedonna. Geneva Avenue is also named after Mrs. Riley. David and Donald are the two Riley sons. Adah Hidy was the elderly lady who acted as a real estate broker for Riley. We bought our lot from her in 1965.
(Grace Thomas)