Walkadonna 2023

Be Prepared, not scared!

Are you ready for your first ever Walkadonna?

Just in case you need a refresher: Join us October 19, 2023 at 10:19AM as we hold our neighborhood’s first Earthquake and Tsunami Evacuation Awareness drill. Go here for more info: https://www.nedonnabeach.org/walkadonna-2023/

Today, we’re talking about emergency preparedness. When disaster strikes there may be little or no time to gather the essential items you will need. That’s where your Go Bag comes into play.

Simply stock a backpack or duffel with the essential supplies you need to survive for 3 days and keep it in a convenient place to grab and go. Then celebrate that you have accomplished the first step toward being prepared.

But wait! There’s more! As a Nedonna Beach Resident, you have the option of keeping a bin of your emergency supplies in one of two sheds that are located outside of the coastal inundation zone. Bypass remembering to grab your Go Bag by placing all your emergency preparedness items where you will need them the most!

If you have questions about how to store your bin in one of the sheds, contact the NBNA at nedonna.beach@gmail.com

Wondering what you should put in your Go Bag/Emergency Supplies Bin? Read on!

All Go Bags should include these essential items:

  • Items to keep you warm and dry (e.g., waterproof poncho, gloves, hand warmers to place under your arms, mylar sleeping bag)
  • Drinking water supply and water filtration system
  • 3 day supply of food (e.g. Coast Guard food bars)
  • Whistle (a good quality one to call for help if necessary) 
  • 30-day supply of prescription medications
  • Basic first aid supplies
  • Light source (e.g. headlamp or flashlight with batteries)
  • Hand sanitizer

Your Go Bag could also include:

  • Comfort items such as a game, book, or teddy bear
  • Cash for emergencies
  • Clothing
  • Pet Supplies
  • AM/PM Radio (with batteries)
  • List of emergency contact  phone numbers
  • Copies of important documents
  • Spare glasses/contacts/ hygiene supplies

Note: Replace perishable items like water, food, medications, and batteries as needed or on a yearly basis.

What goes into your bag or bin is up to you. The most important part is that you take these small steps now, and be better prepared for whatever the future brings.

For more information about Go Bags and emergency preparedness visit:




June News 2023

Save the Date!! The Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association will be held on Saturday, July 8 at noon. We will meet at the home of Tom Heckenberg and Sue Sharp @ 26767 White Dove. Agenda to follow.


Membership: The NBNA currently has about 150 members! We realize we have many new neighbors and it is time to intentionally build our membership. Please encourage your new neighbors to join our association. Contact us via email, share our web page with them, and invite them to our annual meeting..

Our annual membership donation of $25.00 runs January through December. Payments can be made:

● In person to Gillian Hollbrook or at the annual meeting

● By check and mailed to the NBNA

○ PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, O97136

● Electronically through PayPal (yellow donate button) at


Neighborhood Watch: Nedonna Beach recently had a Neighborhood Watch Win when people noticed unusual activity at a house and called to report it. The incident resulted in the suspects leaving and being pulled over by the Tillamook County Sheriff! Thank you to the alert neighbors!!


One of the best things that we can all do to increase security in our neighborhood is to keep our eyes open and to see what is going on around our homes. One way to improve safety on the roads for drivers and pedestrians is to have our eyes open and to be aware of one another.


Be aware and know who lives around you. Whenever you go out, you will be seeing and interacting with your neighbors. It helps them and it helps you to know who belongs in your neighborhood.


Consider an effort to “Wave at Your Neighbor”. By developing this habit, it says both “Hello Neighbor” and “I see you”. Eye contact makes an unwanted person uncomfortable and improves description if needed, seeing one another not only improves safety, but it helps us build community as we get to know one another.


Our Neighborhood Watch recently purchased signs that will be posted at the entrance of Nedonna along with window clings for Neighborhood Watch members.

Contact Kim Brown @ remaxagentkim@gmail.com if you are interested in participating with the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch.

County Roads: Geneva and David are unmaintained county roads and the NBNA uses a portion of membership and additional donations made to the NBNA toward this work, along with unpaved East/West roads.


We are scheduling work to be completed soon. We are about $1000 short of being able to gravel East/West roads this year. We appreciate the support from members who live on our paved roads and donated specifically for this project in the past.


The NBNA maintains a pile of gravel – currently at Park and Geneva – for members to access in order to fill potholes as they occur. We are in need of another location for a supply near the south end of David or Geneva. Please let us know if you have a spot on your property for our gravel pile.

Maintaining Right of Way, Easement and Road Clearance Reminder: Property owners are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft. County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.

Section Line Parking Area: The NBNA funds the porta potty at Section Line through member donations. We add a small dumpster in the summer months so garbage from the area is picked up regularly. Thanks to the efforts of board member Ellen Boggs, and a grant from Tillamook PUD, we will have a light pole and light installed at the parking area. This will help both safety and security.


We appreciate the partnership of Oregon State Parks and Recreation: Nehalem Bay State Park and Tillamook County with these efforts. Since we started this effort, we have seen a decrease in garbage in the parking area and fewer people using the dunes and nearby wooded areas for restroom needs.

You can donate directly to support this project.

Preparedness: Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation routes; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line. The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with storage East of Beach Street (new water tower) and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from the Riley stairs (old water tower). The location on Beach is up a gravel road with a locked gate. It is not meant to be driven to during the evacuation as roads could be undriveable in an event requiring evacuation. Stairs need to be maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own, but please do not alter structures. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, please contact us.

Tom Heckenberg and Gillian Hollbrook lead the work in keeping our evacuation sites stocked. We are working to add sanitation devices, water purification systems, and solar power/charging stations. We are interested in donations toward the improvement of the trail system or evacuation facilities – in kind donations of materials or labor, or financial.

Volunteer Needed: Great Shakeout Coordinator: Tillamook county, including Rockaway Beach, is looking for ways to participate in the Great Oregon Shakeout. Each year Oregon holds this event to help raise awareness of what to do in case of an earthquake. This year the Tillamook county emergency preparedness volunteers are thinking we all should hold an evacuation drill. https://www.shakeout.org/oregon/

We need a volunteer to coordinate our Shakeout day activities with Rockaway Beach and Tillamook county.  You will need to attend a few planning meetings, report back to the NBNA board, and help coordinate the day’s activities on Oct 19th.

Spring News 2023

Spring Water Safety Reminder

Spring is a beautiful and dramatic time of year on the Oregon Coast.  The views can be stellar, and with that can come massive weather swings where one moment the sun is shining, and the next it is cold, windy, and hail.  Tillamook County offers four large bays,  miles of coastline, and numerous lakes.  It is a personal watercraft paradise.  Paddleboarders, kayakers, and motorboats all make use of these waterways.  The headlands and capes offer unprecedented views.

Every year there are close calls and sometimes even fatal tragedies on these waters and headlands.  This can range from someone being caught in the waves or riptides on the beaches, falling from a trail or cliff, being knocked off of a boat and into the water, and being caught in the tide and swept toward the sea, to name a few of the possibilities.

The Tillamook County Pioneer, the Tillamook County Fire and Rescue services, Oregon Parks and Recreation, local kayakers, and Kayak Tillamook came together to put together a safety video for each of the different areas.

Come visit the coast.  Enjoy the views, and have fun on the water.  Please keep safety in mind.

Spring 2023 Coastal Water Safety

Neighborhood Watch

The Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch group recently met with Tillamook County Under-Sheriff Matt Kelly.  Officer Kelly commended Nedonna Beach on Neighborhood Watch efforts and cited communication between full time residents and property owners as a key part of neighborhood watch success.

Prevention is the best security system:

  • Interior lights on timers

  • Motion lights near entrances.

  • Clear shrubs that block entry points.

  • A loud exterior alarm that lasts a few minutes is better than silent systems.

  • Meet your neighbors. Learn to recognize vehicles.

  • Exchange contact information, and communicate with them.

Contact Kim Brown @ remaxagentkim@gmail.com if you are interested in participating with the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Watch.

Who to call:

Emergency / Safety:

The rule of thumb for reporting is If you are concerned about immediate behaviors and activities that are dangerous or life threatening – Fire, water safety, burglary in progress – DO NOT hesitate to call 911.

If you have concerns about a pending situation or ongoing matter, call 503-815-1911 – non-emergency dispatch. This includes parking, camping, dumping, etc.

You can also make a report online.



Paved roads White Dove and Kittiwake are in the City of Rockaway Beach. 505-374-0586


David, Geneva, Nedonna, and Beach, as well as east-west roads are county roads. The county does not maintain the unpaved roads. The NBNA works to manage these roads using membership dues and donations specified for roads.

Tillamook County Roads: 503-842-3419


Evacuation Routes and Facilities:

The NBNA maintains evacuation routes at Section Line and Riley leading from the neighborhood to Hwy 101. Evacuation sites and storage facilities are on the East side of 101 at Scenic View Drive and at the McMillan Creek reservoir off of Beach Street. All evacuation trails and facilities are maintained with volunteer hours using membership dues and donations designated for emergency preparedness.

Please contact us at Nedonna.Beach@gmail.com with concerns about the trails or to access the facilities.

October News 2022

Burn Ban Update

The burn ban for burn barrels and open piles for residential burning will be lifted on Saturday October 15th.  This includes all areas protected by the department. Remember that you need a permit to burn, and the permits are available at City Hall and the Fire department as well as online on the city website on the fire department page. If you have any questions, please contact me at 503-374-1752 or email thesse@corb.us.

Oregon’s Great Shake Out – Thursday, October 20

This year’s International ShakeOut Day is on Thursday, October 20. Millions of people worldwide participate in drills at work, at school, and at home. At 10:20 am on October 20, you can join people all over the state by practicing, or reviewing earthquake safety. Oregon Great ShakeOut

Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Associations maintains evacuation routes and storage facilities to meet the needs of our community during extreme emergencies. We encourage you to walk the evacuation trail associated with your property. Questions about storing items in evacuation facilities can be directed to gillianmholbrook@gmail.com

Evacuation Map

Neighborhood Watch

We had our first neighborhood watch meeting via zoom and are still in need of participants. Please let us know if you would like to be involved in neighborhood watch. We realize everyone has different schedules, so if you can’t make a meeting but would still like to be involved, we can send you a recap after each meeting.

Topics discussed were: placing neighborhood watch signs throughout the neighborhood, assigning a neighborhood watch “lead” for each street, setting up a neighborhood contact directory, and creating a private Facebook group for NBNA members.

As of now, we are determining where neighborhood watch signs should be placed and get approval from the city and county before ordering. A private Facebook group will be set up through the Nedonna Beach Facebook page and invites will be sent out to NBNA members once set up.

Watch out for an email blast for the next neighborhood watch meeting once a date is set. Hope to see you at the next one! Contact Kim Brown if interested remaxagentkim@gmail.com

Wintering in Nedonna

Neighbors have asked us to create a network for those who stay in Nedonna over the winter months of 2022 and 2023 (November – March). This information will be shared only with those who are on the list, allowing them to contact one another in case of extreme weather, outages, or other urgent events. Complete the form at this link Wintering in Nedonna

Spring News 2022

Neighborhood Watch:
Members interested in the Nedonna Neighborhood Watch program are planning to meet one another and to develop a communication plan in the next few weeks. We will contact those who have expressed interest.

Your Donations at Work
The NBNA budget is based on dues, donations, and community partnerships. Here are some updates on a few of our projects

Web Page: We welcome Kimberly Brown as our webmaster! Look for updates! https://www.nedonnabeach.org/

Porta Potty: The Porta Potty at Section Line will remain through the summer. We are working with the county and state parks to coordinate garbage collection.

Evacuation and Preparedness: The evacuation facilities at Scenic View and at McMillan Reservoir were purchased and stocked by the NBNA. The committee is preparing to install shelves and stock each structure with emergency supplies. Members can store a bin of personal supplies. We are working to establish a rope and post trail at Section Line in case the stairs fail in a slide. Railroad Crossing Points will be improved by Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad this summer, making it easier to cross when using the evacuation trails.

Beach Access Trails: We have been working to improve the East/West access trails between Beach Avenue and the beach. Our current project is the trail at Park Street. Look for improved signs along Beach Ave to include water and fire safety reminders.

Memorial Benches in Nedonna Marsh: The NBNA is working with the Tillamook County Museum to place a couple of benches at key locations in the marsh. Benches will have Memorial Plaques to honor individual Nedonna Beach Neighbors and will be funded by donations.

Nedonna Beach Entry and Pond: Donations cover mowing and care of the entry to Nedonna Beach. The entry and fire levels signs purchased by the NBNA. The fire level sign is monitored by the Nedonna Rural Fire DIstrict in partnership with the Rockaway Beach Fire Department.
Roads: Paved roads are maintained by the City of Rockaway Beach and Tillamook County. The gravel roads are unmaintained county roads. NBNA donations cover annual road work that includes grading and spreading gravel. We have a pile of gravel available for potholes at Park and  If you live on a gravel road and would like to order extra gravel to be spread…. contact us and we will coordinate delivery and spread it. Neighbor John Copely is coordinating this work.

Thank you to neighbors who have done tree work to increase clearance along the gravel roads. This improves emergency access. You will see the fire department in the neighborhood from time to time as they test these routes.

Help Wanted:
The NBNA does not have full non-profit status and we are not eligible for many grants that could help us with our work. We would love some assistance from anyone who has experience with the process to coach us through.

Winter News 2022

The recent tsunami advisory was a good reminder of the importance of being prepared to respond to a variety of emergencies that we face here in Nedonna. It is never a bad idea to walk the evacuation routes with your family and to make sure you have supplies ready in a “Go Bag”.

NBNA dues fund the work we do on our evacuation trails, storage shelters at evacuation points, and basic supplies at the evacuation points. Individuals are able to put plastic containers of items in the shelter of your choice. Those who have items in the storage will have access information to get into the structure. 

The Nedonna Rural Fire Protection District (paid for by our property taxes) has funded improved crossing points at the railroad tracks at Section Line and Riley Street. They funded a new structure at McMillan Creek. They provide funds for an annual mailing to all properties in Nedonna Beach that includes maps and evacuation information.

The pictures below show our facilities. The brown one is at Scenic View and the tan one is at McMillan Creek.

Shed at McMillan Creek

Shed at Scenic View


You can sign up for notifications from the Tillamook County Emergency Services at Tillamook County Emergency Alerts

Please complete the Preparedness Interest Survey to learn more.

Spring News 2021

No Annual Meeting for 2021

The NBNA traditionally holds the annual meeting on the Saturday closest to the Fourth of July. We will not be holding the annual meeting this year. Instead, we will send out an annual letter with information about budget, bylaws, board news, and project updates.

Fourth of July
The City of Rockaway Beach 2021 4th of July Celebration is just around the corner!  Although there won’t be a parade this year, the Fireworks show is set to go! The Fireworks display begins at dusk. Join us in Rockaway Beach this 4th of July for a show you won’t soon forget!
A reminder that Fireworks and Sky lanterns are not allowed in State Parks, including the beach. Use of legal fireworks in Nedonna Beach is determined by fire level. Fireworks are a major concern for full time residents and property owners; the noise, issues around fire safety, and litter are annual probems.
Please, No Fireworks 
The NBNA, in partnership with the Nedonna Rural Fire Protection District, has a supply of “Please, No Fireworks” lawn signs that can be used by members in your own yards.  The signs will be available for pick up the week prior to the Fourth of July. Board members will collect the signs toward the end of July to store for use again next year.
1) Let us know you want a sign (email) and we will tell you where to pick it up beginning June 20.
2) Pick up a sign. Leave your name and address where it will be displayed.
3) Personalize it if you would like, or not. “We’ve got pets!” “Veteran with PTSD” “It scares my Dog” etc
4) Display the sign in your yard over the Fourth of July Weekend.
5) Board members will pick up the week of July 19th, or you can store it for next year.
Neighborhood Watch
Members have reported a few burglaries this Spring. A home and a shed have been broken in to and items taken. After you contact Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office we encourage you to contact us so we can get word out if you have a break in , theft, or vandalism. Communicating with our neighbors reminds everyone to keep an eye out.
We will try to keep you current on issues as they are reported throughout the summer. Now is a good time to meet your neighbors and exchange contact information. We do have reports of neighbors preventing theft and confronting people trespassing while checking out neighboring properties.
Fire Safety
The NBNA maintains the fire level sign at the entrance of Nedonna Beach in collaboration with the Rockaway Beach Fire Department and Oregon Department of Forestry.
Camp Fire Pits on Private Property:
Call the Rockaway Beach Fire Department for daily burn status @ 503-374-1752

Out-of-doors open fire pit fires are allowed provided the pit has been approved and the following restrictions are adhered to:

1. The fire pit is located on private property

2. The fire pit is made of noncombustible material such as rock or brick.

3. The fire pit has a 15’ diameter around the pit which is noncombustible.

4. Water of sufficient quantity for fire suppression, a hose and a shovel must be in the immediate vicinity of the fire pit at all times that a fire is present, and

5. A person over the age of 16 years must be present and attending to the fire at all times.

Beach Fires
A reminder that beach fires need to be small.
Please do not burn driftwood.
Fires need to be 50 feet from the vegetation line.
Fires must be attended at all times and extinguished with water before leaving.
Please do not bury fires with sand.
If you have questions contact the fire station. 503-374-1752