NBNA Board News:
The NBNA Board has set Saturday, July 1 as the Annual Meeting.
11:00am Ferris Home: 26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive

The NBNA Board is looking for committee members, volunteers, and board members. Board nominees are selected from active volunteers in our community and those who have served on NBNA committees. Contact the NBNA through this email, talk with a board member, or contact a member of the Board Nomination Committee: Clyde Barnhill (Chair), Stacy Stone, and Jack Ferris if you are interested.

Committee Opportunities include:
• Roads
• Neighborhood Watch
• Tsunami Preparedness and Evacuation Routes
• Nedonna Marsh
• Service Providers List

The NBNA Board has selected Cheryl Bland to serve as chair for 2017-2018.

Annual dues for the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association are $20. Dues can be made by check or by using PayPal through our web page. If you pay dues using an automatic recurring payment, please make sure that you are paying the current level of $20.
Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association
PO Box 613
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136


Roads Update
The NBNA will schedule a work party for May or June to address potholes in unpaved roads. There are gravel piles on Sunset and Geneva if you are able to fill piles near your property. Tillamook County Transportation reports that it is hard to fix paved roads when it is cold, but you should call and report bad potholes so they have a record of concerns.
Flooding has not been as bad as past years with the heavy rains this winter. Liane Welch of Tillamook County Transportation suggests cleaning out ditches and culverts along your property lines.

Emergency Preparedness/Evacuation:
The stairs at Section Line need work. There are missing steps and the stairs are very slippery. Does anyone have shingles that can be put on steps? Does anyone have a student needing a project? Let us know how you might be able to help us maintain the evacuation routes. Donations toward materials can be made through our web page or by check.

Maintaining Easement and Road Clearance Reminder:
An emergency response vehicle was recently held up on a call by overgrown vegetation, eventually knocking lights off of the vehicle. The Rockaway Beach Fire Department and Nedonna Rural Fire District remind property owners that they are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft. County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.

Dune Grading Every Two Years:
The Beachfront Homeowners organize to have the foredune maintained by grading every two years. This is not a project of the NBNA but the association does contribute to cover costs of including the beach access points in the project. For information about the research behind the project, you can look at the Rockaway / Nedonna Beach Foredune Management Study of February 1986

Friends of Nedonna Marsh
For more information about Friends of Nedonna Marsh:

Upcoming Dates:
• Nehalem Bay Estuary Cleanup – Saturday March, 11
• SOLVE Oregon Beach Clean Up: Saturday, April 1 http://www.solveoregon.org/…/ev…/rockaway-lions-club-cleanup
• Spring Break Dates:
o Oregon: March 27 – 31
o Washington: April 3 – 7
• Memorial Day Weekend: May 27, 28, 29
• Free Fishing Days – June 3 and 4 http://www.dfw.state.or.us/educati…/angling/free_fishing.asp
• NBNA Annual Meeting: Saturday, July 1