Annual Dues and Membership

The Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association would like to invite you to join/rejoin our membership in 2022. If you have not previously been a member or are new to our community, please consider joining our Association.

“The purpose of the NBNA is to help build the Nedonna Beach community, facilitate members communicating with each other, and to provide a voice for community concerns. The NBNA is a true grassroots, volunteer-run organization.” –

Although our scope is limited, we have made substantial contributions to the Nedonna Beach neighborhood. The NBNA has accomplished some significant things for a non-regulatory organization focusing on communication and networking around common concerns.

Membership dues per family are $25 for the year, January – December. Membership includes one vote per property on association matters.

Associate Membership is $10. Extended family , frequent guests and interested parties can receive email updates and news.

Dues can be paid online by going to the main page of the NBNA website.

The yellow paypal “donate” button will allow you to pay your membership. Note your payment as 2022 dues and your Nedonna address.

You can mail your payment to: NBNA, PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136.

**Donations to support specific committees or general efforts can be made through when you pay your dues.

  • Roads – join work crews on pre-scheduled days
  • Neighborhood Watch – keep an eye out in your part of the neighborhood and report concerns
  • Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Routes – join work crews on pre-scheduled days
  • Nedonna Marsh – support efforts in a variety of ways
  • Guidance around non-profit status for grant opportunities
  • We have two positions open on our board.

As a board, we meet every couple of months. Our annual, membership-wide meeting is traditionally scheduled each year to coincide with the July 4th holiday.

We are very excited about the coming year and with your help and support, we can accomplish great things.

Cheryl Bland :), Chairman
Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

  • Refresh membership with January mailing to all property owners.
  • Manage an email list serving our 120 members.
  • Replace the emergency supply storage shed at the McMillan Creek Reservoir. The NBNA maintains two sheds where property owners can store supplies to be used in case of an emergency evacuation. The other shed is at the Scenic View Reservoir.
  • Improve railroad track crossing points on evacuation routes.
  • Member donations fund the chemical toilet at the Section Line parking area.
  • Update Bylaws – Change in board member term limit, added associate members
  • Partner with the Rockaway Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Nedonna Fire District for communication of safety issues, to clear an emergency fire lane to the beach from Section Line Road, and to maintain all beach access points.
  • Purchase and distribute “No Fireworks” signs for 4th of July use by neighbors.
  • Update and complete tsunami evacuation route signage and “no overnight parking”
    signage at Section Line and Beach parking area.
  • Maintenance of unimproved roads and communication with Tillamook County about paved roads. We are continuing with road maintenance projects that are funded by membership dues and donations.
  • Share information about environmental impact topics including drinking water, sensitive ecosystems, and an effort to strategize and educate in hope of eradicating the invasive sand-burr and scotch broom that has been overwhelming our lots.
  • Support Nedonna Beach Rural Fire District, Beachfront Homeowners Association (of Nedonna Beach), and the Neah Kah Nie School District in matters that impact the Nedonna Beach community and adjacent natural areas.
  • Support the Tillamook Pioneer History Museum and Nedonna Marsh and Woods restoration.
  • Roads
  • Preparedness
  • Porto-Potty
  • Beach Signs
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Nedonna Marsh

Membership Applications

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