The Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association was started in September 2007 by Nedonna Beach homeowners Terry Bowman, Jack Ferris, Bill Gemmet, and Merl Hilsenteger.

Projects taken on by the NBNA focus on communication, safety, and stewardship. The Association is not a regulatory group and will hold a neutral position on matters of political nature. The NBNA is run by a volunteer board of Nedonna Beach homeowners.

The Leadership of the NBNA includes the following:

Cheryl Bland

Chair / Communication / Committees – Term Ends – 2022 

Cheryl Bland and Keith Parkhurst bought their home on Nedonna Avenue in August of 2008. They live in SE Portland. They have two dogs, Gooch (He looks like a wolf) and Peanut. They have two adult children and a grand daughter. Cheryl works for the David Douglas School District and has been an educator since 1990 – just finishing her 27th year in 2017. She serves in various roles on committees concerning education and Outdoor School around the State of Oregon. Keith is a musician with and facilitates music sessions for stroke survivors with Sonic Tonic. Cheryl`s personal interests include natural history, hiking, skiing, rafting, and learning. Keith cooks a great barbecue, he sings, and plays drums and guitar.

Gloria Tarnasky

Membership / Beachfront / Entry Way – 2023

Gloria and her husband John live full time in Nedonna on Beach Drive. John has owned their property since 1969. They retired from Portland in 2005. John was an OB-Gyn doctor in Portland and retired in 2000. Gloria was a PR Manager for Bestcare (an HMO) until 1988. Gloria and John have 7 grown children between them and 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Gloria enjoys golf, knitting, cooking and both enjoy traveling in their 5th wheel. Gloria joined the Rockaway Lions in 2008 and enjoys volunteering with them. Served as President of the Lions 2014-2015.

Gillian Holbrook

Treasurer / Membership / Preparedness – 2023

Ellen Boggs

Secretary / Schools – 2022

Tom Heckenberg

Co-chair  / Nedonna Marsh / Roads – 2023

Open Board Position

Term ends 2022

Open Board Position

Term ends 2023