Updates From Our Neighbors

We have reports of Nedonna Creek washing across 101 and a neighbor’s house in danger on the creek.  The pictures of the creek are from Saturday afternoon.
This afternoon from The Tillamook County Pioneer
We just heard from two readers who say a culvert may have blown on Highway 101, just north of Neah-Kah-Nie High School on the north end of Rockaway Beach near the entrance to Nedonna Beach. … One said there’s deep water and debris all over the roadway and that “small cars probably won’t be able to make through, very soon.” We told ODOT and will post when we learn more. … Probably best to avoid the area altogether for now. The Miami-Foley Road is open.

Charleen Hakala reports on her home
“We live on 101 on Nedonna Creek and we are freaking out. Because the culvert is plugged the creek is backing up causing the creek to errode our property, especially in the back. Our back deck is hanging in mid air over the creek and the bank is now only 4 feet from the back of the house. We have talked to ODOT and they say they are aware of the problem. Meanwhile the creek is flowing down hwy. 101 flooding the roadway.”

Rockaway Beach is collecting data on flood damage
City of Rockaway Beach Emergency Management/City Hall is collecting preliminary data regarding damage to individual and business property related to the weather storms from Dec. 7-9. This includes damage from flooding, rain and landslides/mudslides.
Impacted individuals and business owners must report damages to Rockaway Beach Emergency Management/City Hall in order for the City to be considered to receive financial assistance. The City will document the information on specified forms and forward to the State for analysis

Neighbors report water issues
Neighbors from various locations in Nedonna Beach have reported water issues over the past few days.  Contact the city with questions and concerns about water issues at 503-355-2291
If you have any information from Nedonna, please share it with us. 
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