Spring News – Annual Meeting June 30, 2018

Save the Date!!

The Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association will be held on Saturday, June 30 at 11:30.  We will meet at the home of Jack Ferris –  26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive.  Agenda to follow.


We realize we have many new neighbors and it is time to intentionally build our membership.  Please encourage your new neighbors to join our association.  Contact us via email, share our web page with them, and invite them to our annual meeting.

Our annual membership donation of $20.00 runs January through December.

Payments can be made:

●      In person to Gloria Tarnasky or at the annual meeting

●      By check and mailed to the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

○      PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

●      Electronically through PayPal (yellow donate button) at

○      http://www.nedonnabeach.org/

Help Wanted:

We have work to do in our neighborhood and we need to reach out to members interested in being involved with committees as volunteers.

If you are looking for ways to be involved with our community, to engage your family in community service, or to support efforts of the Association, there are a variety of committees needing people with a diverse of skill sets.

Committee Opportunities include:

●      Roads – join work crews on pre scheduled days

●      Neighborhood Watch – keep an eye out in your part of the neighborhood and report concerns

●      Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Routes – join work crews on pre scheduled days

County Roads:

Thank you to Clyde Barnhill and the road committee for arranging for the grading of Geneva and David.  These are unmaintained county roads and the NBNA uses a portion of membership donations and additional donations made to the NBNA toward this work.  We appreciate the support of this project from members who live on our paved roads and donate specifically for this project.

The NBNA maintains a pile of gravel – currently at Sunset and Geneva – for members to access in order to fill pothole as they occur.  We are in need a new location for this supply – David or Geneva.  Please let us know if you have a spot on your property for our gravel pile.

Maintaining Right of Way, Easement and Road Clearance Reminder: 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft.  County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.


Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation points; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line. The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with storage East of Beach Street (new water tower) and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from the Riley stairs (old water tower).

The location on Beach is up a gravel road with a locked gate.  It is not meant to be driven to during the evacuation as roads could be un-driveable in an event requiring evacuation. 

Stairs need to be maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own.  We are interested in donations toward the improvement of the Riley Creek Stairs – in kind donations of materials or labor, or financial. 

Evacuation Point Storage:

Containers for storage of your own personal items can be picked up from Terry Bowman. Arrangements can be made to move items into storage by calling Terry. Remember to practice your own evacuation plan and route. Leave information for your guests. 

Beavers in McMillan Creek:

Neighbors along McMillan Creek are working together to address flooding issues related to the Beaver Dams and are investigating a product called a Beaver Deceiver or Pond Leveler.  http://www.beaversww.org/beavers-and-wetlands/articles/beaver-flow-device-studies/

Contact Gillian Holbrook if you are interested in their efforts gillianmholbrook@gmail.com or 503-360-2879

Neighborhood Watch: Gillian @ gillianmholbrook@gmail.com or 503-360-2879

One of the best things we can do to increase security in our neighborhood is to keep our eyes open and to see what is going on around our homes.  One way to improve safety on the roads for drivers and pedestrians is to have our eyes open and to be aware of one another. 

Be aware and know who lives around you. whenever you go out, you will be seeing and interacting with your neighbors. It helps them and it helps you to know who belongs in your neighborhood.  It may just be watching neighbor kids playing in the backyard while looking out your kitchen window or it could be sitting on the porch watching the world go by, but pay attention to who lives and belongs around your neighborhood.  Watch your neighbor’s property as if it were your own. If you see a stranger in their car or looking around their property, go grab the phone and keep watching.

Consider an effort to “Wave at Your Neighbor”.  By developing this habit, it says both “Hello Neighbor” and “I see you”.  Eye contact makes an unwanted person uncomfortable and improves description if needed, seeing one another not only improves safety, but it helps us build community as we get to know one another.

Senior Meals

Do you or a family member need a check in, meals on wheels deliveries, or a ride to senior meals? Contact Jim Doyle atjimceciledoyle64@yahoo.com 

Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels – M-W-F (Meals on Wheels =  meal + frozen meal for T – Th – Sat)

Invasive Species:

Scotch Broom is in bloom right now.  It is beautiful but invasive and competes with native plants in our natural wetlands, marshes, and forests.  The best way to control the plant is to prevent it from spreading.  You can do this by cutting it at the base before it goes to seed.  It may take two years of cutting to eliminate the plant.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has banned the sale of Scotch Broom, only hybrid species (seedless) can be sold.