December 13 Update – High Water and Wet

I had a chance to get over to Nedonna Beach yesterday. Roads were clear enough to get to Nedonna Beach from Portland via Hwy 6. There are some rough spots on Hwy 6 but they are marked. Hwy 101 between Garibaldi and Twin Rocks appears to be the most volatile at this point. 101 north continues to be closed at Jetty Fishery. Remember to check before heading out.

Although we did not have the wide spread flooding that we saw in Rockaway on the news, Nedonna Beach is wet and continues to get more water. The ground is saturated from precipitation, high water from the creek and pond, and a rise in ground water due to the very high tides.

In addition, there is a creek running across 101 between Beach and Scenic Ave that is putting even more water into the southeast part of the neighborhood. The problem caused by a severely blocked culvert. Mud has washed across the railroad tracks below 101. ODOT is looking into the blocked culvert and issue on the highway.

The majority of homes and roads in Nedonna Beach are okay – just really wet.

If you have ongoing water issues or regular puddling or standing water on your property or around your home, you should check on your property. Culverts and empty properties are filling and slowly receding with each round of rain.

Geneva between Adah Hidy and Riley
There are large pools of water across the road on Geneva between Adah Hidy and Riley. Homes on the west side of David and both sides of Geneva had some standing water around foundations. People were reporting water in garages (especially those with a driveway that slopes down to the garage) and sheds without foundations.

Nedonna Avenue at Park, and David and Geneva between Park and Section Line
Water covers the road during heavy rains. Culverts full.

Neighbors in Nedonna on Saturday were checking on their homes and contacting neighbors as needed. The Red Cross checked the neighborhood on Saturday as part of their response in Rockaway.

I took several pictures yesterday but will not be able to upload them until this evening.

Cheryl 🙂

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