Many of you have seen the pictures of the flooding in Rockaway and have expressed concern about your homes in Nedonna.

NO SIGNIFICANT FLOODING IN NEDONNA.  I have heard from people in different parts of Nedonna and have heard of high water into property near the creek, but no reported flooding of buildings.  Both the creek and the pond are high, but not flooding.

Reports of high winds and heavy rain, but no noticeable wind damage to any property.  A few commented on the incredible thunderstorm on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Power outages have been minimal.

We will not have information about beach erosion until after the high surf and tides of the next day or two.  There has been a build up of driftwood at the jetty, between the large trunk that has been there and the dune grass line.  Please use extreme caution when walking on the beach, watching for sneaker waves and driftwood piles moving with incoming water.

Residents report ongoing changes in road conditions getting to and from the coast and traveling north and south along 101.  Anyone traveling to Nedonna should check road conditions with both ODOT and Tillamook County concerning road conditions.

We do not have the capacity to do individual property checks and will do our best to keep you updated on any areas of concern.

Some have asked about how to support those impacted by flooding in Rockaway.  That information will be sha​r​ed when it is available.

I appreciate the updates from those of you in Nedonna.  I will work to keep you updated to answer general questions.

Cheryl 🙂

Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

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