Spring News – Annual Meeting June 30, 2018

Save the Date!!

The Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association will be held on Saturday, June 30 at 11:30.  We will meet at the home of Jack Ferris –  26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive.  Agenda to follow.


We realize we have many new neighbors and it is time to intentionally build our membership.  Please encourage your new neighbors to join our association.  Contact us via email, share our web page with them, and invite them to our annual meeting.

Our annual membership donation of $20.00 runs January through December.

Payments can be made:

●      In person to Gloria Tarnasky or at the annual meeting

●      By check and mailed to the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

○      PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

●      Electronically through PayPal (yellow donate button) at

○      http://www.nedonnabeach.org/

Help Wanted:

We have work to do in our neighborhood and we need to reach out to members interested in being involved with committees as volunteers.

If you are looking for ways to be involved with our community, to engage your family in community service, or to support efforts of the Association, there are a variety of committees needing people with a diverse of skill sets.

Committee Opportunities include:

●      Roads – join work crews on pre scheduled days

●      Neighborhood Watch – keep an eye out in your part of the neighborhood and report concerns

●      Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Routes – join work crews on pre scheduled days

County Roads:

Thank you to Clyde Barnhill and the road committee for arranging for the grading of Geneva and David.  These are unmaintained county roads and the NBNA uses a portion of membership donations and additional donations made to the NBNA toward this work.  We appreciate the support of this project from members who live on our paved roads and donate specifically for this project.

The NBNA maintains a pile of gravel – currently at Sunset and Geneva – for members to access in order to fill pothole as they occur.  We are in need a new location for this supply – David or Geneva.  Please let us know if you have a spot on your property for our gravel pile.

Maintaining Right of Way, Easement and Road Clearance Reminder: 

Property owners are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft.  County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.


Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation points; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line. The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with storage East of Beach Street (new water tower) and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from the Riley stairs (old water tower).

The location on Beach is up a gravel road with a locked gate.  It is not meant to be driven to during the evacuation as roads could be un-driveable in an event requiring evacuation. 

Stairs need to be maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own.  We are interested in donations toward the improvement of the Riley Creek Stairs – in kind donations of materials or labor, or financial. 

Evacuation Point Storage:

Containers for storage of your own personal items can be picked up from Terry Bowman. Arrangements can be made to move items into storage by calling Terry. Remember to practice your own evacuation plan and route. Leave information for your guests. 

Beavers in McMillan Creek:

Neighbors along McMillan Creek are working together to address flooding issues related to the Beaver Dams and are investigating a product called a Beaver Deceiver or Pond Leveler.  http://www.beaversww.org/beavers-and-wetlands/articles/beaver-flow-device-studies/

Contact Gillian Holbrook if you are interested in their efforts gillianmholbrook@gmail.com or 503-360-2879

Neighborhood Watch: Gillian @ gillianmholbrook@gmail.com or 503-360-2879

One of the best things we can do to increase security in our neighborhood is to keep our eyes open and to see what is going on around our homes.  One way to improve safety on the roads for drivers and pedestrians is to have our eyes open and to be aware of one another. 

Be aware and know who lives around you. whenever you go out, you will be seeing and interacting with your neighbors. It helps them and it helps you to know who belongs in your neighborhood.  It may just be watching neighbor kids playing in the backyard while looking out your kitchen window or it could be sitting on the porch watching the world go by, but pay attention to who lives and belongs around your neighborhood.  Watch your neighbor’s property as if it were your own. If you see a stranger in their car or looking around their property, go grab the phone and keep watching.

Consider an effort to “Wave at Your Neighbor”.  By developing this habit, it says both “Hello Neighbor” and “I see you”.  Eye contact makes an unwanted person uncomfortable and improves description if needed, seeing one another not only improves safety, but it helps us build community as we get to know one another.

Senior Meals

Do you or a family member need a check in, meals on wheels deliveries, or a ride to senior meals? Contact Jim Doyle atjimceciledoyle64@yahoo.com 

Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels – M-W-F (Meals on Wheels =  meal + frozen meal for T – Th – Sat)

Invasive Species:

Scotch Broom is in bloom right now.  It is beautiful but invasive and competes with native plants in our natural wetlands, marshes, and forests.  The best way to control the plant is to prevent it from spreading.  You can do this by cutting it at the base before it goes to seed.  It may take two years of cutting to eliminate the plant.  The Oregon Department of Agriculture has banned the sale of Scotch Broom, only hybrid species (seedless) can be sold.


Spring Break 2018

Oregon Spring Break – Monday, March 26 – Friday, March 30

Washington Spring Break – Monday, April 2 – Friday, April 6 

Weather Advisory – Friday, March 23

* WHAT…Snow. Additional snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches, are expected. Accumulations will remain above 1500 feet during daylight hours and drop to 500 to 1000 feet overnight.
* WHERE…Coast Range of Northwest Oregon, Central Coast Range of Western Oregon, Northern Oregon Cascade Foothills and Cascade Foothills in Lane County above 500 feet.
* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Plan on slippery road conditions. Expect reduced visibilities at times.

…SNOW POSSIBLE TO SEA LEVEL LATE TONIGHT AND EARLY SATURDAY… Snow levels are expected to be around 1000 feet tonight. However, heavy precipitation rates may briefly bring the snow level to sea level on the coast and in the Willamette Valley. Road temperatures should remain warm enough to avoid becoming snow covered near sea level, but slushy accumulation is possible, mainly above 500 feet. In addition, light accumulation on grassy surfaces is possible even at sea level during the heaviest precipitation. Temperatures will warm as the sun rises tomorrow with snow levels rising above 1000 feet again by mid-morning Saturday.

Sunday the shower activity becomes more widely scattered with partly sunny skies again into Sunday and Monday, highs in the upper 40s, lows in the upper 30s, then, high pressure builds in but the models dispute drying conditions so there is a slight chance we could still see a shower or two Tuesday, otherwise, dryer and warmer, highs in the upper 50s, lows in the low 40s.


OSP is just as excited about Spring Break as you are, but our priority is that everyone arrives at their destinations safely. “We plan on adding extra patrols the Highways, from the California border to the Washington border,” advises Sergeant First Class Randall Hand of the Klamath Falls Patrol Office.

This enforcement effort is aimed at increasing highway safety by providing a high visibility law enforcement presence. Spring Break is the typical beginning of vacation travel in Oregon and across the United States. In addition to increased travel by passenger vehicles, US Highways are also heavily used by commercial motor vehicle traffic.

All travelers, anxious to get to their destinations, often exceed the speed limit, make bad passes, and may become fatigued by excessively long drives. In addition, late season inclement weather can exacerbate any travel related issues.

OSP Troopers will be particularly vigilant for those infractions dubbed the “Fatal Five.” Fatal Five violations are those related to speed, occupant safety, lane violations, impaired driving, and distracted driving.

SOLVE Beach Clean Up – Saturday, March 24​

Join SOLVE and the Rockaway Lions Club for a beach cleanup from 10 AM – 1 PM! Check in at the Rockaway Beach Lion’s Club at 268 S. Anchor St. The Lions Club typically provides snacks, refreshments, and free hot dogs as a thank you to volunteers.

Hike Your Route!

Spring is a great time to walk the evacuation route and to familiarize yourself and family about your route out. If you have questions about getting supplies into our storage areas, contact NBNA Board member and Fire District Chief, Terry Bowman @ bow64man@hotmail.com

Thank you to community members who repaired the Section Line Stair case!!

Projects to Help With

If you have a future Eagle Scout, a youth group looking for a volunteer opportunity, or a senior in need of project… the NBNA has a few projects that could use some community hands – eradication of Scotch Broom, care of entryway, work on evacuation routes, improving beach access, etc… contact a Cheryl Bland @ nedonna.beach@gmail.com to get started.


Gray whales are migrating north past the Oregon coast and the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) invites visitors to share the excitement during Spring Whale Watch Week March 24-31. Trained volunteers from the Whale Watching Spoken Here program will be stationed 10 a.m. — 1 p.m. each day at 24 sites along the coast, ready to help people spot the migrating marine mammals.

The Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay will be open 10 a.m. — 4 p.m. daily. Visitors to the center can enjoy interactive whale exhibits and take in the panoramic ocean views. Binoculars are provided. OPRD rangers will also be on hand to answer questions about the whales. A live stream of whale activity off of Depoe Bay returns this spring too; watch it on the Oregon State Parks YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/user/OregonParks/)

A map of the 24 volunteer whale watch sites can be found on whalespoken.org. Visit oregonstateparks.org for information about coast parks and campgrounds.

Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

Online @ http://www.nedonnabeach.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nedonna-Beach-Neighbors-196779550340823/

Friends of Nedonna Marsh

Online @ friendsofnedonnamarsh.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Nedonna-Marsh-283541462029686/


Annual Meeting Minutes – July

Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

Saturday, July 1, 2017 – 26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive

Membership: Anyone who is a homeowner in Nedonna Beach can be a member

Membership Donation: January – December $20.00.

Purpose of Association: Increase communication between homeowners within the

neighborhood and to provide communication between local, county, regional agencies and

homeowners, and to inform homeowners of issues that may impact the Nedonna Beach

Neighborhood. The Association is not a regulatory group and will hold a neutral position on

matters of political nature.

Contact the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

Email: nedonna.beach@gmail.com

Web Page: http://nedonnabeach.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Nedonna-Beach-Neighbors/196779550340823

Mailing Address: PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136

2017 – 2018 Board Members

  • Cheryl Bland – Chair – email, web page – Term ends 2018
  • Jim Doyle – Co-chair – Term ends 2018
  • Terry Bowman – Treasurer, Nedonna Rural Fire District – Term ends 2018
  • Gloria Tarnasky – Membership, email list – Re-elect with new term end of 2019
  • Nancy Webster – Re-elect with new term end of 2019
  • Stacy Stone – New to Board – web page, service providers – Term ends 2019
  • Gillian Holbrook – New to Board – Neighborhood Watch and Senior Assist – Term ends 2019

Committee Chairs

  • Gillian Holbrook – Neighborhood Watch/ Senior Assist
  • Stacy Stone – Web Support / Service Providers
  • Cheryl Bland – Habitat Conservation Projects and Invasive Species Education
  • Clyde Barnhill – Roads
  • Terry Bowman – Tsunami Preparedness and Planning
  • John Tarnasky – Entryway
  • Nancy Webster – Water
  • Jim Doyle – City Liaison, Meals on Wheels
  • Suzanne Thompson – Friends of Nedonna Marsh
  • Clyde Barnhill, Jack Ferris – NBNA Board Membership

Treasurer’s Report:

Current balance as of June 30 is $2779.54. Funds in the account come from dues and donations.


Currently 360 members

Payments can be mailed to the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136, or pay through PayPal (yellow donate button) at

Service Providers – Stacy @ stacystone4@gmail.com

Are you using the service provider list? Contact us if you have service providers to add.

People are currently requesting house cleaning services, yard work, and a handy person. Contact

Mark Gazeley of Ocean Front Vacation Rentals at 503-297-3838 to schedule someone from his


Neighborhood Watch – Gillian @ gillianmholbrook@gmail.com 

A few single incidents, both vandalism and burglaries, have been reported over that last month.

This is a good reminder to talk with neighbors near you and to check your security lighting.

Some neighbors are looking into security cameras. Please report incidents to Tillamook County

Sherriff or Rockaway City Police so we have a record of them. Contact Gillian if you are willing to

be the eyes on your street in Nedonna, or if you have something to report.

Did you know that seniors in Nedonna Beach are eligible for Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels?

We look to develop a senior assist network to provide support for

Tsunami Preparedness and Fire Department

Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation points; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line.

The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with

storage East of Beach Street and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from Riley stairs. Stairs need to be

maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own.

The NBNA will schedule late summer workdays for maintenance on the stairways. There is a

need for “Lead Neighbors” for each evacuation route to help organize neighbors in their area to

work to maintain the nearest route. Contact us if you are interested in helping with this effort.

Members have requested improved signage at the top of Section Line stairs giving directions to

the evacuation point from Hwy 101.

Evacuation Point Storage: Containers for storage of your own personal items can be picked up

from Terry Bowman. Arrangements can be made to move items into storage by calling Terry.

Remember to practice your own evacuation plan and route. Leave information for your guests.


Roads east of David are City of Rockaway roads. Beach and Nedonna Avenue are county roads.

All other roads are considered local access. David is not in good shape. The NBNA does not have

funds to have the roads graded at this time, but will have gravel delivered. Piles will be dropped

on David at Adda Hyde and Riley and on Geneva at Western and Sunset.

The Association would like to sponsor a workday for neighbors to help spread the gravel and fill

potholes. Two trucks with utility trailers will make for more productive “day”. We will schedule

the day around truck availability. Contact us if you have a truck or time to contribute.

Issues with county roads can be reported to Liane Welch of Tillamook County Roads.

lwelch@co.tillamook.or.us 503-842-3419.

Issues with speeding, contact the Rockaway Beach Police Department.

Nedonna Marsh Report:

Looks for dates of upcoming events and activities


E-mail nedonnamarsh@gmail.com to add your contact information to their email list.

Watershed Update:


Email rockawaycitizen.water@gmail.com to add your contact information to their email list

Future Plans:

  • Building Membership – Improving web site and communications
  • Maintain the work we have – Roads, Preparedness, Community Watch
  • Conserving our ecosystems – Marsh, Waterways, and Invasive species
  • Being Good Neighbors – Communicating with one another, participating, and following the rules.

Our appreciation to:

• Clyde Barnhill for the time he has given to the NBNA and our neighborhood serving as our

chair over the past few years. He and Wanda have hosted our meetings. He will continue

to serve on our board membership committee and lead our roads committee.

• MaryLou Bowman for serving on our board nomination committee, and all of the other

assists she has performed in the past.

• Ron Wasch for his service to the NBNA Board

• Stacy Stone will be sharing the responsibilities of web page management and updating

service providers. Watch for announcements and please be patient with our transition.

• John Tarnasky for managing the work being done on the entryway.

Who to Contact:

The NBNA has no jurisdiction over regulating matters of any kind. If you are concerned about

immediate behaviors and activities over the weekend that are dangerous or life threatening, DO

NOT hesitate to call 911. Our regional dispatch is use to such calls. If you have concerns about a

pending situation or ongoing matter, call City Hall or Rockaway Police during business hours.

Safety Reminders:

*Fireworks are prohibited on Oregon beaches and at all state and national parks, according to a

state fire marshal spokesman. We have had complaints of fireworks being set off almost every

weekend and some in the dune grass, which as most everyone knows is a real fire danger

because of the oils in the dune grass.

*Keeping your pets inside or on a leash is the best way to keep them from getting

lost. Tillamook County 911 will take lost pet reports, but will not look for pets.

*The Nedonna Beach Fire District reminds neighbors that trees and shrubs in the right of way are

a safety hazard and should be cleared by the property owner. Line of site at street corners and

intersections is important. Emergency vehicles cannot access narrow roads

How to get involved in our community

As we move into our 10th year, we realize we have many new neighbors and it is time to intentionally build our membership and we want to reach out to members interested in being involved with committees as volunteers. We invite you to join us if you are a new property owner and encourage you to invite your neighbors if they are new to our neighborhood.

If you are looking for ways to be involved with our community, to engage your family in community service, or to support efforts of the Association, there are a variety of committees needing people with a diverse of skill sets.

Committee Opportunities include:

  • Roads – join work crews on prescheduled days
  • Neighborhood Watch – keep an eye out in your part of the neighborhood and report concerns
  • Tsunami Preparedness and Evacuation Routes – join work crews on prescheduled days
  • Nedonna Marsh – support efforts in a variety of ways
  • Service Providers List – maintain current list of providers

As a board, we meet every couple of months. As a member, you are welcome to join us. Our annual, membership-wide meeting is scheduled each year to coincide with the July 4th holiday. This year’s Annual Meeting will be on Saturday, July 1, 2017. We’ll continue to be involved in an informational manner in land use issues that impact Nedonna Beach.

SOLVE Spring Beach Clean Up – Saturday, April 1

Kick off Earth Month with a day at the beach!

Join SOLVE and Oregonians from across the state to clean up tens of thousands of pounds of litter and marine debris from our treasured beaches during SOLVE’s Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup, presented by AAA Oregon.

There are 45 different check in sites stretching along the entire Oregon coast, from Astoria to Brookings. Find your favorite site and sign up today!

Full details and registration online at http://bit.ly/SpringOregonBeachCleanup

NBNA March 2017

The NBNA Board has set Saturday, July 1, 2017 as the Annual Meeting.
11:00am Ferris Home: 26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive

The NBNA Board is looking for committee members, volunteers, and board members. Board nominees are selected from active volunteers in our community and those who have served on NBNA committees. Contact the NBNA through this email, talk with a board member, or contact a member of the Board Nomination Committee: Clyde Barnhill (Chair), Stacy Stone, and Jack Ferris if you are interested.

Committee Opportunities include:
• Roads
• Neighborhood Watch
• Tsunami Preparedness and Evacuation Routes
• Nedonna Marsh
• Service Providers List

The NBNA Board has selected Cheryl Bland to serve as chair for 2017-2018.

Annual dues for the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association are $20. Dues can be made by check or by using PayPal through our web page. If you pay dues using an automatic recurring payment, please make sure that you are paying the current level of $20.  Dues can be paid on line or by check.
Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association
PO Box 613
Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Roads Update
The NBNA will schedule a work party for May or June to address potholes in unpaved roads. There are gravel piles on Sunset and Geneva if you are able to fill piles near your property. Tillamook County Transportation reports that it is hard to fix paved roads when it is cold, but you should call and report bad potholes so they have a record of concerns.
Flooding has not been as bad as past years with the heavy rains this winter. Liane Welch of Tillamook County Transportation suggests cleaning out ditches and culverts along your property lines.

Emergency Preparedness/Evacuation:
The stairs at Section Line need work. There are missing steps and the stairs are very slippery. Does anyone have shingles that can be put on steps? Does anyone have a student needing a project? Let us know how you might be able to help us maintain the evacuation routes. Donations toward materials can be made through our web page or by check.

Maintaining Easement and Road Clearance Reminder:
An emergency response vehicle was recently held up on a call by overgrown vegetation, eventually knocking lights off of the vehicle. The Rockaway Beach Fire Department and Nedonna Rural Fire District remind property owners that they are responsible for maintaining clearance of easement and height above roads up to 15ft. County crews can cut or trim without notifying the property owner.

Dune Grading Every Two Years:
The Beachfront Homeowners organize to have the foredune maintained by grading every two years. This is not a project of the NBNA but the association does contribute to cover costs of including the beach access points in the project. For information about the research behind the project, you can look at the Rockaway / Nedonna Beach Foredune Management Study of February 1986

Friends of Nedonna Marsh
For more information about Friends of Nedonna Marsh:

Upcoming Dates:
• Nehalem Bay Estuary Cleanup – Saturday March, 11
• SOLVE Oregon Beach Clean Up: Saturday, April 1 http://www.solveoregon.org/…/ev…/rockaway-lions-club-cleanup
• Spring Break Dates:
o Oregon: March 27 – 31
o Washington: April 3 – 7
• Memorial Day Weekend: May 27, 28, 29
• Free Fishing Days – June 3 and 4 http://www.dfw.state.or.us/educati…/angling/free_fishing.asp
• NBNA Annual Meeting: Saturday, July 1

Spring Break 2016 – March, 2016

Spring Break is underway this week for Oregon schools and Washington schools take their break April 4 – 8.  Neighbors are taking on spring cleaning after winter storms.  The SOLV Oregon Beach Clean Up is on Saturday, March 26.  There is a lot of activity around Nedonna Beach.


Annual membership renewal takes place in January.  If you have not paid your dues for 2016, please send your $20 to Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136 Or, you can use PayPal through our website at http://www.nedonnabeach.org/

NBNA Webpage and Service Providers

Spring Cleaning includes the NBNA Webpage!  It is time to update the service providers list on our web site.  Right now people are asking for roofers, general contractors,  yard maintenance, and house cleaning.  Please let us know if you have someone that you are currently working with; name, contact information, website or facebook page, and your recommendation.  These changes will be made in April.  Each month we will select an area to update.  Thank you to all for your input to this.

SOLV Beach Clean Up – March 26

Join SOLVE and the Rockaway Lion’s Club for a Rockaway Beach Cleanup from 10 AM – 1 PM! This event is part of the annual Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup, a statewide effort to keep our beaches healthy and reduce the impacts to marine life. Dress for rain or shine and wear sturdy shoes. SOLVE will provide bags and gloves. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bucket/bag and water bottle to help reduce plastic waste.


Winter Storm Damage

Neighbors continue to clean up after winter flooding, high water, and storms. The latest information from Gordon McCaw, Director of Emergency Management for Tillamook County “If your Tillamook County home, business, or automobile sustained damage from winter storms, which will primarily be flood damage, please send me an email and provide me your address, a contact name and telephone number, the damage and include pictures if you can.” gmccraw@co.tillamook.or.us


Clyde Barnhill coordinates matters around roads in Nedonna Beach.  Many have have questions or concerns about roads and culverts in Nedonna Beach.  NBNA Board members have met in the past with Liane Welch of Tillamook County Public Works Department.  You will find a document attached about responsibility for roads in Nedonna Beach.  The NBNA has maintained unpaved roads over the past few years and will have graveled roads graded this spring.  Gravel piles are available at the south end of David and on Geneva at Sunset for filling pot holes.    Individual neighbors have contacted Welch this winter to express their individual concerns.  You can reach her via email at lwelch@co.tillamook.or.us.

Nedonna Marsh

The NBNA Board heard updates about the property at the north end of Nedonna Beach, now know as Nedonna Marsh.  Friends of Nedonna Marsh are working with partners to protect the property from development.  You can learn more at their web page http://friendsofnedonnamarsh.org/

Water Quality Updates

Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection  continue to monitor issues related to our local watershed and drinking water.  To receive regular updates you can contact Nancy Webster at rockawaycitizen.water@gmail.com

Updates From Our Neighbors

We have reports of Nedonna Creek washing across 101 and a neighbor’s house in danger on the creek.  The pictures of the creek are from Saturday afternoon.
This afternoon from The Tillamook County Pioneer
We just heard from two readers who say a culvert may have blown on Highway 101, just north of Neah-Kah-Nie High School on the north end of Rockaway Beach near the entrance to Nedonna Beach. … One said there’s deep water and debris all over the roadway and that “small cars probably won’t be able to make through, very soon.” We told ODOT and will post when we learn more. … Probably best to avoid the area altogether for now. The Miami-Foley Road is open.

Charleen Hakala reports on her home
“We live on 101 on Nedonna Creek and we are freaking out. Because the culvert is plugged the creek is backing up causing the creek to errode our property, especially in the back. Our back deck is hanging in mid air over the creek and the bank is now only 4 feet from the back of the house. We have talked to ODOT and they say they are aware of the problem. Meanwhile the creek is flowing down hwy. 101 flooding the roadway.”

Rockaway Beach is collecting data on flood damage
City of Rockaway Beach Emergency Management/City Hall is collecting preliminary data regarding damage to individual and business property related to the weather storms from Dec. 7-9. This includes damage from flooding, rain and landslides/mudslides.
Impacted individuals and business owners must report damages to Rockaway Beach Emergency Management/City Hall in order for the City to be considered to receive financial assistance. The City will document the information on specified forms and forward to the State for analysis

Neighbors report water issues
Neighbors from various locations in Nedonna Beach have reported water issues over the past few days.  Contact the city with questions and concerns about water issues at 503-355-2291
If you have any information from Nedonna, please share it with us. 

December 13 Update – High Water and Wet

I had a chance to get over to Nedonna Beach yesterday. Roads were clear enough to get to Nedonna Beach from Portland via Hwy 6. There are some rough spots on Hwy 6 but they are marked. Hwy 101 between Garibaldi and Twin Rocks appears to be the most volatile at this point. 101 north continues to be closed at Jetty Fishery. Remember to check https://tripcheck.com before heading out.

Although we did not have the wide spread flooding that we saw in Rockaway on the news, Nedonna Beach is wet and continues to get more water. The ground is saturated from precipitation, high water from the creek and pond, and a rise in ground water due to the very high tides.

In addition, there is a creek running across 101 between Beach and Scenic Ave that is putting even more water into the southeast part of the neighborhood. The problem caused by a severely blocked culvert. Mud has washed across the railroad tracks below 101. ODOT is looking into the blocked culvert and issue on the highway.

The majority of homes and roads in Nedonna Beach are okay – just really wet.

If you have ongoing water issues or regular puddling or standing water on your property or around your home, you should check on your property. Culverts and empty properties are filling and slowly receding with each round of rain.

Geneva between Adah Hidy and Riley
There are large pools of water across the road on Geneva between Adah Hidy and Riley. Homes on the west side of David and both sides of Geneva had some standing water around foundations. People were reporting water in garages (especially those with a driveway that slopes down to the garage) and sheds without foundations.

Nedonna Avenue at Park, and David and Geneva between Park and Section Line
Water covers the road during heavy rains. Culverts full.

Neighbors in Nedonna on Saturday were checking on their homes and contacting neighbors as needed. The Red Cross checked the neighborhood on Saturday as part of their response in Rockaway.

I took several pictures yesterday but will not be able to upload them until this evening.

Cheryl 🙂


Many of you have seen the pictures of the flooding in Rockaway and have expressed concern about your homes in Nedonna.

NO SIGNIFICANT FLOODING IN NEDONNA.  I have heard from people in different parts of Nedonna and have heard of high water into property near the creek, but no reported flooding of buildings.  Both the creek and the pond are high, but not flooding.

Reports of high winds and heavy rain, but no noticeable wind damage to any property.  A few commented on the incredible thunderstorm on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  Power outages have been minimal.

We will not have information about beach erosion until after the high surf and tides of the next day or two.  There has been a build up of driftwood at the jetty, between the large trunk that has been there and the dune grass line.  Please use extreme caution when walking on the beach, watching for sneaker waves and driftwood piles moving with incoming water.

Residents report ongoing changes in road conditions getting to and from the coast and traveling north and south along 101.  Anyone traveling to Nedonna should check road conditions with both ODOT and Tillamook County concerning road conditions.

We do not have the capacity to do individual property checks and will do our best to keep you updated on any areas of concern.

Some have asked about how to support those impacted by flooding in Rockaway.  That information will be sha​r​ed when it is available.

I appreciate the updates from those of you in Nedonna.  I will work to keep you updated to answer general questions.

Cheryl 🙂

Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136