Annual Meeting Minutes – July

Annual Meeting of the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

Saturday, July 1, 2017 – 26400 Beach Drive @ Riley and Beach Drive

Membership: Anyone who is a homeowner in Nedonna Beach can be a member

Membership Donation: January – December $20.00.

Purpose of Association: Increase communication between homeowners within the

neighborhood and to provide communication between local, county, regional agencies and

homeowners, and to inform homeowners of issues that may impact the Nedonna Beach

Neighborhood. The Association is not a regulatory group and will hold a neutral position on

matters of political nature.

Contact the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association


Web Page:


Mailing Address: PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, Oregon 97136

2017 – 2018 Board Members

  • Cheryl Bland – Chair – email, web page – Term ends 2018
  • Jim Doyle – Co-chair – Term ends 2018
  • Terry Bowman – Treasurer, Nedonna Rural Fire District – Term ends 2018
  • Gloria Tarnasky – Membership, email list – Re-elect with new term end of 2019
  • Nancy Webster – Re-elect with new term end of 2019
  • Stacy Stone – New to Board – web page, service providers – Term ends 2019
  • Gillian Holbrook – New to Board – Neighborhood Watch and Senior Assist – Term ends 2019

Committee Chairs

  • Gillian Holbrook – Neighborhood Watch/ Senior Assist
  • Stacy Stone – Web Support / Service Providers
  • Cheryl Bland – Habitat Conservation Projects and Invasive Species Education
  • Clyde Barnhill – Roads
  • Terry Bowman – Tsunami Preparedness and Planning
  • John Tarnasky – Entryway
  • Nancy Webster – Water
  • Jim Doyle – City Liaison, Meals on Wheels
  • Suzanne Thompson – Friends of Nedonna Marsh
  • Clyde Barnhill, Jack Ferris – NBNA Board Membership

Treasurer’s Report:

Current balance as of June 30 is $2779.54. Funds in the account come from dues and donations.


Currently 360 members

Payments can be mailed to the Nedonna Beach Neighborhood Association

PO Box 613, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136, or pay through PayPal (yellow donate button) at

Service Providers – Stacy @

Are you using the service provider list? Contact us if you have service providers to add.

People are currently requesting house cleaning services, yard work, and a handy person. Contact

Mark Gazeley of Ocean Front Vacation Rentals at 503-297-3838 to schedule someone from his


Neighborhood Watch – Gillian @ 

A few single incidents, both vandalism and burglaries, have been reported over that last month.

This is a good reminder to talk with neighbors near you and to check your security lighting.

Some neighbors are looking into security cameras. Please report incidents to Tillamook County

Sherriff or Rockaway City Police so we have a record of them. Contact Gillian if you are willing to

be the eyes on your street in Nedonna, or if you have something to report.

Did you know that seniors in Nedonna Beach are eligible for Senior Meals and Meals on Wheels?

We look to develop a senior assist network to provide support for

Tsunami Preparedness and Fire Department

Nedonna Beach has three tsunami evacuation points; Beach Street, Riley Street, and Section Line.

The NBNA has built stairs at Section Line and at Riley, and has installed evacuation sites with

storage East of Beach Street and on Scenic Drive, across 101 from Riley stairs. Stairs need to be

maintained and trails need clearing. Anyone with skills or tools can help on their own.

The NBNA will schedule late summer workdays for maintenance on the stairways. There is a

need for “Lead Neighbors” for each evacuation route to help organize neighbors in their area to

work to maintain the nearest route. Contact us if you are interested in helping with this effort.

Members have requested improved signage at the top of Section Line stairs giving directions to

the evacuation point from Hwy 101.

Evacuation Point Storage: Containers for storage of your own personal items can be picked up

from Terry Bowman. Arrangements can be made to move items into storage by calling Terry.

Remember to practice your own evacuation plan and route. Leave information for your guests.


Roads east of David are City of Rockaway roads. Beach and Nedonna Avenue are county roads.

All other roads are considered local access. David is not in good shape. The NBNA does not have

funds to have the roads graded at this time, but will have gravel delivered. Piles will be dropped

on David at Adda Hyde and Riley and on Geneva at Western and Sunset.

The Association would like to sponsor a workday for neighbors to help spread the gravel and fill

potholes. Two trucks with utility trailers will make for more productive “day”. We will schedule

the day around truck availability. Contact us if you have a truck or time to contribute.

Issues with county roads can be reported to Liane Welch of Tillamook County Roads. 503-842-3419.

Issues with speeding, contact the Rockaway Beach Police Department.

Nedonna Marsh Report:

Looks for dates of upcoming events and activities

E-mail to add your contact information to their email list.

Watershed Update:

Email to add your contact information to their email list

Future Plans:

  • Building Membership – Improving web site and communications
  • Maintain the work we have – Roads, Preparedness, Community Watch
  • Conserving our ecosystems – Marsh, Waterways, and Invasive species
  • Being Good Neighbors – Communicating with one another, participating, and following the rules.

Our appreciation to:

• Clyde Barnhill for the time he has given to the NBNA and our neighborhood serving as our

chair over the past few years. He and Wanda have hosted our meetings. He will continue

to serve on our board membership committee and lead our roads committee.

• MaryLou Bowman for serving on our board nomination committee, and all of the other

assists she has performed in the past.

• Ron Wasch for his service to the NBNA Board

• Stacy Stone will be sharing the responsibilities of web page management and updating

service providers. Watch for announcements and please be patient with our transition.

• John Tarnasky for managing the work being done on the entryway.

Who to Contact:

The NBNA has no jurisdiction over regulating matters of any kind. If you are concerned about

immediate behaviors and activities over the weekend that are dangerous or life threatening, DO

NOT hesitate to call 911. Our regional dispatch is use to such calls. If you have concerns about a

pending situation or ongoing matter, call City Hall or Rockaway Police during business hours.

Safety Reminders:

*Fireworks are prohibited on Oregon beaches and at all state and national parks, according to a

state fire marshal spokesman. We have had complaints of fireworks being set off almost every

weekend and some in the dune grass, which as most everyone knows is a real fire danger

because of the oils in the dune grass.

*Keeping your pets inside or on a leash is the best way to keep them from getting

lost. Tillamook County 911 will take lost pet reports, but will not look for pets.

*The Nedonna Beach Fire District reminds neighbors that trees and shrubs in the right of way are

a safety hazard and should be cleared by the property owner. Line of site at street corners and

intersections is important. Emergency vehicles cannot access narrow roads